When You Need an Auto Accident Attorney

Torts, or personal injury law, covers a broad spectrum of cases that range from product liability to dog bites ‘ so if you are injured in a traffic accident, it’s best to call an Auto Accident Attorney.

Although any qualified tort litigator could help represent your interests in court, a car accident lawyer has specialized knowledge of motor vehicle law as it applies to injury cases, and often, inside knowledge of the insurance industry. This last point is no bad thing because insurers go to great lengths to avoid paying legitimate claims, which is why it’s best to have an auto accident attorney in your corner.
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How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help

First of all, know this, and never forget – do not sign anything from an insurance company before your auto accident attorney has examined it and discussed it with you. Otherwise, you may be signing away all your rights without even realizing it! A qualified Car Accident Lawyer is trained to look at the dense and complex language in which insurance documents are written and pick it apart. There is a reason that English is the international language of business; it is because, with its vast and rich vocabulary with subtle shades of meaning, English lends itself to ‘doublespeak’ and deception better than any language on the planet. This is something of which insurance companies and car accident lawyers are well aware and often, you need to fight fire with fire. The fact is that insurance companies, like all large corporations, are not in existence to serve people. They serve themselves and their shareholders by maximizing and internalizing profits and minimizing and externalizing losses. This is why insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid paying claims, and why you need a qualified auto accident attorney to represent you.

What’s The Difference Between a ‘Lawyer’ and an ‘Attorney’? You may note that we’ve used the terms ‘lawyer’ and ‘attorney’ interchangeably here. There is a difference, however; while the word ‘attorney’ can be applied to anyone who has the legal right to represent your interests, a ‘lawyer’ is someone who has a law degree and is licensed to practice. Therefore, make sure that the car accident attorney who represents you is also a lawyer licensed by the State of Texas as well.

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

If you are hesitating to hire a professional car accident attorney because of the prospect of paying $350 an hour, you should know that most will take your case on a contingency basis. This means that your car accident attorney is paid a percentage of the amount she/he wins for you which also means she/he is very motivated to give you the best possible representation. In addition, a qualified and reputable auto accident attorney will usually offer you an initial consultation at no charge so if you are not certain you have a case, it costs you nothing to have an evaluation of your situation by a professional auto accident attorney.

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