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Over $500 Million Recovered for Our Clients

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Over $500 Million Recovered for Our Clients

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Beaumont Accident Attorneys

Because of the large volume of vehicles on the roads one-quarter of city travel time is spend solely  with bumper to bumper – stop and go , which speaks to the amount of traffic that Beaumont deals with every single day. With this level of traffic, it is only to be expected that car accidents are prevalent in the city. Being injured in a car accident never seems like it will happen to you – until it does.

The car accident attorneys at Carabin Shaw have the experience needed to earn you the representation and compensation that you deserve after being injured due to a motorcycle, trucking, or car accident. Finding the ideal personal injury attorneys in Beaumont is easy at our firm with our extensive record of success and expertise.

A Firm You Can Trust

The accident attorneys at Carabin Shaw have won over 35,000 wrongful death and personal injury cases, and that number is only going up from there. This success rate speaks to the experience our team has. It means that you can rely on us to carefully handle your case and win you the compensation you need. You can rest easy knowing that even if for some unlikely reason we do not win your case, you won’t owe us anything.

We know from experience that insurance companies will always opt to give the absolute lowest amount of money to you. After defending the rights of injury victims in the Beaumont area for so many years, we are familiar with every trick insurance companies may try. Before signing anything that your insurance company sends you, call a Carabin Shaw car accident lawyer if you or a loved one have been the victim of a vehicle accident – this will ensure you learn the true worth of your case.

Beaumont Auto Accident Representation

Beaumont has thousands of traffic incidents every year, and statistics don’t show any signs of improving. Because of the sheer number of drivers on the road, over 250,000 Texans are injured in these incidents every year.

The instantaneousness and sudden nature of these injuries can make it difficult to determine where the fault lies, and this only gets more difficult to discern, the more injured you are.

Areas of Practice

Carabin Shaw has a team of highly skilled accident attorneys who know how to deal with insurance companies.

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Carabin Shaw are dedicated to restoring our clients’ lives as they were before the accident.

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Carabin Shaw truck accident lawyers are your best resource in seeking compensation for your injuries.

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In order to have a fair settlement, it is important to be aware of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers.

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The Carabin Shaw car accident attorneys will put your recovery first and investigate the claim without hindering your healing process. We work hard to ensure we have collected all of the evidence we need to figure out exactly what occurred and whose fault it was.

In some cases, the driver is not always the one to blame. Defective and poorly-made vehicles make it on the road every year thanks to the neglect of vehicle manufacturers. If your incident was caused by an error on the manufacturer’s side, our experienced team will dive head first into the court battle and prepare to defend your rights.

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Strong Attorneys Who Understand Your Battle

The lawyers at Carabin Shaw will be by your side battling auto manufacturers and insurance companies for your rights no matter what kind of incident you were a part of, whether it involved a motorcycle, car, or a terrible 18-wheeler collision. We will compassionately and diligently listen to your story and then carefully relay every detail of your situation to the court.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to be compassionate with our clients while relentless in the courtroom – we need a tough exterior in the courtroom to get our clients the justice they deserve, but we also understand and respect that our clients are dealing with all kinds of other issues.

These additional stressors can be the result of accident and injuries such as insurance bills, hospital bills, and restlessness due to all the stress. With a car accident lawyer from Carabin Shaw at your side, you can take care of yourself while we take care of your case.


What Makes Carabin Shaw a Cut Above the Rest

Our team doesn’t just look at only the case and nothing more – we go the extra mile to treat our clients as people with real difficulties and struggles. For that reason, we go above and beyond with each case and with the additional help we offer. This includes:

• Providing in-depth understanding of your case and its worth
• Assessing all evidence collected from the accident
• Preparing the case and you for the court
• Fighting for the best settlement

We also understand that the negative impact of accidents can create unforeseen obstacles for our clients, so we strive to alleviate those as much as we can. We will assist you in finding a rental car if your normal vehicle has been totaled. Regardless of your health insurance situation, we will help you find the best method of funding necessary for you to recover.

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How Carabin Shaw Can Help

Our honest care for our clients is what makes Carabin Shaw stand out in Beaumont. No other car accident lawyer will take as much time to help you understand how much your case is worth. We will argue your case until you get the best possible settlement offer. Enquire about your claim now at 1-800-862-1260 to get the legal representation you deserve, and leave the rest to our team.

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