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Law enforcement agencies across the area have long realized that the correlation between excessive speed and reckless driving directly contributes to bad automobile accidents. Almost one-third of all fatality accidents not caused by a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol are as a result of excessive speed or other types of reckless driving.truck accident lawyers texas

Excessive speed can mean going 75 in a 60-MPH zone, but more often it’s more egregious: 120 in a 60-MPH zone, driving at a rate of speed that, no matter what happens, a driver can’t possibly avoid an eventual disaster. If you, an innocent motorist, happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, the life you know will change irrevocably. Statistics say that the economic cost of excessive-speed related accidents is over $40-billion dollars annually – some of which may be a loss of your own income or medical bills related to a car crash involving an excessive speeder.

At high speed, reaction times are much slower. Even a driver with lightning-quick reactions can’t avoid rear-ending a stopped car at 120-MPH. At that speed, a driver travels a football field in two seconds. Just seeing that far ahead clearly, discerning potential problems from regular traffic flow and being prepared to avoid a collision takes more than skill; it takes incredible luck. Usually, the speeder just assumes other people will move aside. After all, they do it in the movies. But this is real life. Traffic has its own flow. And speed is rarely consistent with it.

Many speeders believe they have the skills to get them out of any situation. They never possess such skills. If they were even close to the skill level they believe, they would know enough to slow down. Despite the risks, drivers still speed; and it put us all at risk. In the event of an accident, they believe it was just bad luck when, in reality, it was their wanton negligence that caused the accident.

Reckless Driving
Although speed is an important factor in auto accidents in the area, reckless driving is equally to blame. Obviously, excessive speed is more dangerous than driving at speed limits, but reckless driving is more dangerous than excessive speed. And coupled with excessive speed, reckless driving can cause a huge accident with huge consequences.

Despite some drivers’ beliefs, watching the movies and NASCAR races doesn’t make you a better driver. Professionals are professionals because they understand the dynamics of what cars do at speed and they practice their trade in safe areas. They don’t practice on public streets and roads. Reckless drivers usually have no idea what danger they put others in; if they truly knew what they were doing, and what the consequences of their bad driving actually entailed, they wouldn’t continue.accident injury attorneys

Speeding in and out of traffic, leaving skidmarks on the road, turning donuts, passing on shoulders, among other maneuvers shows a gigantic lack of responsibility. More to the point, it demonstrates complete negligence.

At our Law Firm, it’s our job to seek restitution from such individuals who cause a reckless driving accident. Since our focus is in car crashes – with an emphasis on reckless drivers or those who speed – we’re fully equipped and prepared to handle your case. As medical bills pile up, as you miss more work, as you heal from your injuries, you’ll need the best. Our Law Firm can help you secure financial compensation for the injuries and other damages. Call our Law Firm, anytime, day or night.

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