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Did Defective Auto Parts Factor In Your Crash?
Most people step into their cars every single day with the expectation that their cars are safe to drive in. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you were recently involved in an accident caused by a defective car part, you have the right to take legal action against the auto manufacturer. A personal injury attorney can help you to do this.

With experience helping people who have been hurt in crashes resulting from defective car parts, an attorney can provide you and your family with the relevant legal insights you need. Based on your situation, your lawyer can inform you of your best legal options and work to protect your legal rights. More about our Car Accident Lawyer San Antonio here
To learn more about defective car part cases, set up an appointment with an auto accident lawyer by our office.

Common Faulty Auto Parts
Back in 1966, the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act was established to give the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the power to recall faulty auto parts and hold auto manufacturers to federal safety standards. Since that year, more than 390 million motor vehicles, 46 million tires, and 66 million pieces of motor vehicle equipment have been recalled.

Some of the most common motor vehicle defects include:

Faulty brakes
Accelerating or decelerating without your control
Tire defects
Airbags that did not properly operate
Windshield wipers working inadequately
Seats that shift or move suddenly
Defective steering components

Faulty auto parts clearly are a common cause of car accidents. If you believe a defective part contributed to your crash, you have the right to take legal action. For the best chance of success, you must have evidence supporting both the cause of the accident and the harm it has caused you. For this reason, it’s important to document the accident scene as thoroughly as possible, interviewing witnesses, taking pictures, and filing a police report.

If you sustained injuries from the collision, keep a record of any doctor visits and all accident-related medical treatment. If you couldn’t return to work, document lost paychecks. The more evidence you have supporting how the accident harmed you, the stronger your case.

Helping Victims Receive Compensation
By working with a qualified attorney, you are taking the best step to protect your future. Don’t assume the financial burden of an accident without first exploring your legal options. If your case holds potential, an attorney may be able to help recover any expenses related to an accident as well as future costs likely to result from the crash.

Whether you were harmed by an act of reckless driving or speeding, were the victim in a drunk driving accident, or were hurt due to some other factor out of your control, an experienced personal injury attorney will work to serve your needs.

To find out if you have a case, set up a meeting with a car accident lawyer by calling our office for a free initial consultation.

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