Types of Collision Injuries

There are many different causes of automobile accidents, each likely to lead to a range of injuries. Some of the most typical motor vehicle collisions that arise include:

* Rear Impact: If you hit an individual from behind or are hit from behind, you have been involved in a rear impact accident. This often occurs because another person has failed to brake in time, resulting in either a tap or a far more substantial rear impact accident. Nearly 30 % of all auto accidents in the U.S. are rear-impact collisions. When a rear impact crash happens, the driver in the back is usually accountable because laws mandate that a person drive a safe distance from the automobile in front of you. More on this website

* Side Impact: If you are hit on the side of your vehicle, you have suffered a side impact crash. Side impact accidents can come about when you “T-bone” another motor vehicle, which means the front of your motor vehicle hits the side of another. You can also sideswipe another motor vehicle by bumping into its side while changing lanes. Nearly 29 % of all U.S. incidents are side-impact crashes. Indicating fault generally turns into a problem here- it can be tough to know which person was in the wrong. A good car accident attorney can help you acquire photographic proof of the scene or will get a professional in car accident reconstruction to act as your witness and help you demonstrate the other individual’s fault.
* Head-on Wreck: If you strike another automotive front first or hit a non-moving object with the front of your vehicle, you have been part of a head-on collision. Head-on collisions often occur when a motorist falls asleep and slides directly into oncoming traffic. Some other ways head-on accidents occur are when the motorist is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, gets on to a freeway or a one-way street in the wrong direction, or loses control of their automotive and skids into an oncoming lane. These incidents account for 2 percent of all U.S. collisions. The person who was going the wrong way or who had been drunk or asleep is typically at fault.
* Rollover: If your car flips over in any way or lands on its side, you were involved in a rollover. Bigger cars, like SUVs and trucks, are more likely to experience rollovers than smaller cars. Nearly 2 percent of all incidents in the U.S. are rollovers. In a few rollover accidents, you might be able to hold the vehicle’s company liable for a poor design or disorders.
* Runoff: These incidents usually involve only one vehicle running off the road. This can easily happen when a person is not necessarily focusing or swerves to avoid another vehicle or creature in the road. Runoffs account for 16 % of all U.S. incidents. If you run off the road, you generally have no one to blame but yourself – unless another motor vehicle unlawfully got in your way or there was a problem with the road itself.

How an Auto Accident Attorney Can Help

If you have been injured in an accident, please call us today for a complimentary, private assessment with an experienced accident attorney. No matter the cause of your crash injuries, an accident attorney can enable you to show fault and attain the damages you deserve. Lawyers can be especially useful when injuries like whiplash or hospitalization are included. Car insurance companies will try to fork out as little as feasible, and a lawyer can enable you to collect facts and defend your legal rights by working directly with your insurance company or by aiding you in filing a car accident lawsuit.

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