Injury Attorneys: Car Accident Disputed Liability Cases

Injury Attorneys: Are you the victim of a car accident only to have the insurance adjuster claim it is liable? Our car accident attorneys can help you.

Many accident victims are accused of being the cause of the accident to some degree or another, which often results in a liability dispute. Such a conflict benefits the insurance company no matter the outcome. A liability dispute causes many accident victims to simply give up, which is undoubted to the insurance company’s benefit. Those who do not give up will only drag the case out for a long time, which is beneficial to the insurance company in its own right. An experienced liability dispute attorney is crucial for success.

Even if the insurance adjuster knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that their client is at fault, they will certainly take advantage of any technicality they can to assign some portion of the blame on you. That is the standard operating procedure. More on this website

Of course, the outcome of such a protocol is that accident victims unfairly suffer. Our experienced car accident attorneys can help remedy a liability dispute by investigating the insurance company’s cited reason for the liability dispute, such as damaging witness statements or the defendant’s statement that counter is at odds with your own and uncovering any flaws within the official reason for the denied claim.

What often happens is that we unravel the basis of the insurance company’s assertions which forces them to reevaluate the case. In many instances, we uncover new information that completely destroys their liability accusations and will either result in a reversal of their position or reveal the unethical methods they are using to deny your claim, which can later be exposed in front of a jury. As you can imagine, when facing such harsh allegations of unfair practices, the insurance company will be more inclined to accept liability.

If your claim is being wrongfully denied, our experienced liability dispute lawyers can help get your case back on the path to success.

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