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Roof Crush and Seat Belt Failure

Houston crash statistics compiled in 1997 by the Houston Chronicle revealed that of the 300 fatal traffic accidents that year 77% were due to vehicle rollover and collision with a bicycle or a parked car. The fatal accidents were most likely to occur during rush hour ( 4-7pm) and after 10pm at night. What is surprising is that most of the fatal accidents in Houston occur on the local roads rather than the highways and interstates. Since vehicle rollovers have a high incidence of death vehicles with a strong tendency to tip like SUV’s are often targeted by the media.

Vehicle rollover accidents are becoming increasingly more common as one in four new vehicles sold today is an SUV. SUV’s are more likely to roll in an accident than a car since their center of gravity is higher. If your vehicle has been in an accident involving a rollover you need the skilled help of a Houston car accident injury lawyer. The lawyers at Carabin & Shaw, PC can advise you of your rights in these types of rollover accidents and help protect your rights.

A large number of SUV rollover cases involve roof crush or seatbelt failure. In the event that the manufacturer was not at fault for the rollover, fault may still lie in the crashworthiness of the vehicle. A skilled Houston car accident injury lawyer can help you determine if your case falls under this “crashworthiness doctrine”. In essence this means that if the product enhances an injury beyond what the injuries would have been in a similar type of accident the manufacturer is responsible for these injuries. Roof crush is an example of this type of enhanced injury claim. When the roof of a vehicle is not strong enough to hold the weight of the vehicle during a rollover the effects can be devastating. The roof is pushed into the passenger area of the vehicle causing head and neck injuries and even death. It is important to seek the counsel of a skilled Houston car accident injury lawyer in roof crush cases. The lawyers at Carabin & Shaw are aware of the issues surrounding roof crush accidents and can get you the settlement you deserve.

Seat belt failure often occurs during an SUV rollover. Defective design unintentionally allows the seat belt to unlatch, fail to hold, or allow too much slack, among other reasons, during a rollover causing catastrophic injuries. A Houston car accident injury lawyer can help you determine if you have a valid claim against a SUV manufacturer. Contact the law offices of Carabin & Shaw PC today to discuss your case and determine your rights. We work on a contingent fee basis, which means there is never a fee unless we resolve your case. Call us today.

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