Frequent Types of Claims

These are many of the different kinds of claims that are often filed as premise liabilities:

Slip and fall injuries: dangerous circumstances caused by spilled liquid or other debris on the floor, ripped carpeting, uneven sidewalk or tile, highly polished slick floor surface as well as other causes of slick conditions while failing to display proper signage or provide notification to visitors of stores, clubs, salons, restaurants, etc. 
Injury due to fallen elevator car: malfunction or fault in manufacture or upkeep causing an elevator car to drop, defective door, or failure of closing device or sensor. 

Injuries on stairs: caused by a lack of sturdy handrail, insufficient illumination, obstacles or known hazards on steps or any other disregard or negligent behavior which might result in a visitor having an accident and causing injury. premise liability - personal injury law

Animal attacks: harm by an animal attacking a visitor on the premises, such as a dog on the owner’s property without proper restraint causing injury. 
Swimming pool drowning: the proprietor is required to take action to ensure the reasonable safety of their property. It is the owner’s duty to make ample provision to safeguard the lives of those visiting and resuscitate if necessary. If these are not provided, notifications have to be posted. As well as other aspects requiring consideration is if certain safety equipment or a lifeguard is present, the dimensions of the facility, tenants’ ages, descriptive features of the pool and typical usage of the complex. The owner of a private pool must exercise reasonable care for the presence of minors and maintain protection for uninvited children to prevent them from having access. 
Injury resulting from criminal acts: if the criminal activity on the premises causes someone else injuries or death. Assault in parking lots or ramps due to negligence or lack of security, inadequate illumination as well as other types of negligent behavior. The reasonable degree of care which must be provided by the owner corresponds to the details surrounding the assault, predictability of such an occurrence, and the history of crime in the neighborhood. Should such assaults or other varieties of criminal activity result in homicide, a wrongful death case may be filed if the property owner can be proved negligent.
Municipal liability – injury accident on state or local government property resulting from negligent behavior. 
Injuries suffered in amusement park mishaps – Visitors hurt due to poorly maintained or malfunctioning rides and equipment, also defects or other negligence at an entertainment venue. 
The impact of merchandise falling from a store shelf.
Dram shop liability – a bar or restaurant that serves drinks to a patron past the point of intoxication, whereupon the customer drives and inflicts injury on someone else 
Whether it’s a missing handrail, uneven or slick floor, a door that is improperly secured, inadequate illumination, negligence, poor maintenance, and criminal activity may cause you to be seriously injured or a family member to suffer a lethal accident. If any of these should befall you or someone close to you, then you could be entitled to pursue monetary damages by way of legislation for premises liability. To secure compensation in this type of case, a plaintiff has to establish the existence of a dangerous condition, awareness on the part of the proprietor regarding the hazard and that this situation caused an injury. In addition, it is the victim’s burden to justify the amount of claimed restitution. Satisfying these conditions can be difficult and you are most probably going to need to secure the help of a skilled lawyer to successfully recover damages in a premises liability suit. 

The attorneys at our Law Offices have been winning premises liability claims for more than two decades. During this time, we have established a reputation for toughness while helping to win millions at trial and in settlements all over Texas. Contact us right away to consult an attorney if you or a loved one has suffered the injury on property belonging to somebody else. We look forward to helping you find answers for your questions concerning the details of your claim. From there, we can lend you a hand in verifying if your situation is grounds for successful litigation. We will work to help you find justice as well as the compensation you deserve just as we have worked for the benefit of thousands who have suffered personal injuries.

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